New Predator

Here i go! New predator 459 cc has electric start. Going to add the allison gear pump following Heaths 6.5 build. Awesome info!


Does plywood make a good base for those?

That’s the base it came boxed in. I wouldn’t recommend it. Skid plate is ideal.

I was being a smart alec and it bit me in the butt, lol


If it’s anything like the brand new 14hp Kohler I bought last year, all you need is some double walled cardboard to last the life of the engine. Save the plywood for something useful.

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You had a problem with a Kohler? That’s all we’ll buy.

Yes, from day one. Parts on back order all year. Total waste. No worries. I fixed it with a 10 year old Honda off of Craigslist. The Kohler has a fueling issue. It won’t stay running under a load. I can’t believe you aren’t running Hondas.

Nope, issue free on the Kohlers. I know a lot of people swear by the GX690, but the Kohler is just a better engine IMO (or we’d better believe that, since we pay a bit more than we could get a GX690 for I think)…at least we’re pretty happy with them. Not sure of the HP (probably 22-25), we get them built from Russ @ Southside, on a 8gpm x 3500psi.

Kohler might make a decent bathroom faucet, I don’t know. I wouldn’t buy one at this point to find out. But for running a business, I’d buy a Predator or even a Vegetator over a Kohler. That way at least you’d have a warranty & wouldn’t have to spend the year waiting on backordered parts that will never ship. The Kohler carb that’s been on backorder all year was around $90. I spent $40 something on a maintenance kit for the Honda that came with a replacement carb, fuel filter, recoil housing, fuel cap, fuel line, low oil sensor, kill switch, coil, spark plug & a some other odds and ends. I bought a second used Honda as a spare. These things rock. Honda pees all over Kohler. I spent 3 years in vocational school in the 90’s & took small engine repair all 3 years. Kohler was highly sought after back then but if they can’t provide simple replacement parts, it’s easier to buy a used Honda that fires up & runs like it’s supposed to than to waste money on junk. Hopefully you won’t need any parts.

LOL, that’s funny because we needed a carb for one of ours back in September, and we got 2 (may have been a 3rd one shipped at some point). Russ was trying to figure out why we got multiples…maybe we got yours :joy:

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It wasn’t mine, you’re running them big boy rigs. I’ll eventually put a Harley carb on it, strap it to a go kart frame & get rid of it on Craigslist where it belongs. In the meantime, it’s wasting space in the garage. You can have Kohler. I need reliable equipment, so it’s all Honda over here.

Cool, if nobody wants 'em, I won’t have any trouble getting them (sadly, in the middle of a month wait for engines to come in to get a new one right now, lol). Other than the one carb issue, we had exactly zero issues with the PWs themselves over the last year (3-8gpms and a 5.5 all year), so I’ll take that. We do run a pretty intensive oil change schedule on them though.

You can have 'em.

Imma get some popcorn.

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Bro you think ican just use some roller skate wheels as mounts? Lol

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Nah, just stick some old flip flops under there and you’ll be fine

On a serious note, my predator engine hasn’t had a single problem in the 2 years I’ve been running it. I do a lot less washing than the big dogs here, but I’m incredibly impressed with the 22hp and its longevity so far

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I sold all my kohlers because they vapor lock and won’t stay running. Started with vanguards, then kolhers, Hondas for the last 10 years.


Imagine that… I replaced my Kohler with a 10 year old GX390 for $175 & I was back in business the same day. I later bought a spare for $100. Both are homeowner-owned engines off of John Deere machines with crapped out AR pumps & both crank up with one pull. I have a box full of new parts for dirt cheap that will work for either engine. Can’t go wrong with Honda.