New Milwaukee Tools

Whenbi got home this morning I had a package. I say it like that because 99% of them are for Jamie. Any way I wanted to tell you fellas about one of the good ones in my book. I had to replace some tools and pretty quickly I was looking at Facebook market place found a seller called Primo Tools. He sold me that kit for 219 which thought was fair and shipped it in two days.He doesn’t know I’m posting this but if you need battery powered stuff I would check him out I’m sure there are alot of scams on the net but Primo tools is a stand up seller


219 for that set?!

Yeah has all 5 tools 3 batteries and the charger. I didn’t think it was a bad deal

Let us know how the 12v handles vs 18 please

Oh I love them I had a whole set before the 18v stay at home in The shop dont get me wrong the 18v stuff is strong but for every day on the job use I will take the 12v I cant even tell you how many thousands of screws I have driven building decks and docks with my old 12v set. But they both have a place the 12v isnt running half inch drill bits for beams or mixing thinset for tile you you really need both sets

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When my current 20v dewalt set goes out I’m going with the Milwaukee. But then may add that 12v set up to truck.

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@Firefighter4hire can you share a link to his page or contact info? Very interested in that set. Thank you! I looked on Facebook and the web but didn’t find him.

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The light is awesome… keep it in truck during hunting season.

I’m not sure.if has anymore hope that works its primo tools

I have the other also the 3 led light I take that.pne with me it’s got a hook th aww can hang on a branch or hook it to your pack they call it the stick light
I also ordered 2 of the pack out boxes we will see how it goes I’m not a fan of the bags

I had to search in your radius 100 miles of Spotsylvania VA. Searched for Primo Tools. Found him. The link isn’t working. He does have the Milwaukee 12V set still.

Thanks @Firefighter4hire appreciate the heads up.

No he was a.seller on Facebook he has a commercial account called primo tools. You have to forgive me I am computer stupid let me try something else

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I have been looking for the car charger they are hard to find at a good price.

$14.99 compatible but no reviews:

Shentec 12V Li-ion Charger Compatible with Milwaukee M12 REDLITHIUM 48-11-2401 48-11-2402 48-11-2420 48-11-2430 48-11-2440 48-11-2460 48-11-2411 48-11-2412

Or use this charger $18 with a separate inverter $29:

Milwaukee 48-59-2401 12-Volt Lithium-ion Battery Charger


BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter

Thanks buddy but I want that one milwaukee makes the batteries just cost to much I tried a off brand one before Milwaukee made one almost caught my truck on fire. I dont recommend you try and charge them in the truck without it
I’m sure inverter works too

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Yeah with no reviews I’d be a little hesitant. Your story makes me certain to stay away. I’d go with an inverter instead since it has its own fuses/trips. $48 for that setup isn’t bad.

That undercut saw is amazing. Saved me so much trouble redoing our flooring. Best money I’ve spent in awhile.

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5 year warranty on the cordless tools, worth every dollar.


I dont know how I did contract work before the oscillating tool ot under cut saw I love it I had the 18v version also both are great
Best blades is are from harbor freight

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