New Member here from Joliet IL

Good afternoon guys. I am new to the board and read a lot of useful information that I feel has helped me alot. Have been in the homeowner service business for sometime now. Have down pressure washing in the past but looking to do this full time now. It is much easier to do than repairing plumbing and electrical. I do have basic equipment; 4gpm, surface cleaner, x-jet M5, Chemicals. I am excited about joining the PWRA today.
Thank You

Me Too!

Welcome Bob.

Please forget everything that you thought you knew about pricing. This gig is nothing like handyman repairs as far as pricing schedule goes.

Welcome Bob!

Thank you Tim, I have got to learn a lot more.

Hi Bob,

I just left you a voice message. Welcome to the PWRA. Glad you found your way to the forum! Please let me know if you need help with your membership. You can give me a call at 973-500-6463 or send me an email ( any time! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Bob!

Hi Bob, welcome!!!
I still operate my handyman business while I am pursuing the same transition you are. It is hard to cut it free because it is thriving and has been for years. I have just been far more selective on the projects I take and the clients I still offer repairs to :wink: The nice thing about moving from the handyman business into power washing is that I bring along full book of clients who are loyal to me and my services. It sure is nice to not start 100% from scratch! These boards are loaded with great information and I am sure you will enjoy your stay!