New Member form Alabama

Hello Everyone,

I am starting a new venture in the Pressure Washing Business and have found this forum to be an amazing source of information. I have spent many weeks just reading topic after topic throughout this website, but have finally decided to introduce myself. My name is Ramsey Ashmore and I am located in Montgomery, Alabama and I am currently underway in starting a pressure washing business as a part-time job. I am open to any suggestions or comments anyone has to offer. Thanks again for the site and advice.

Welcome to the forum Ramsey.

What is it that you intend to wash the most of?

Right now I am focusing on residential homes, driveways, walkways etc. My marketing strategy so far has been EDDM to specific neighborhoods that I know can afford and also need pressure washing done. Like I mentioned earlier, I am small and doing this part-time but so far for the month of march I was able to get 2-3 jobs per week with 1000 EDDM’s (2 neighborhoods). I hope to one day expand and possibly do commercial work, but for now I am just taking it one day at a time.

Sounds like a solid plan.

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