New logo..How do you like it? People post logos





No offense, but seems a bit generic. I think I’ve seen that same clipart roof on a dozen or more logos.

Also curious, what’s up with the ball valve on the lance?


The second one is a NO. I agree with @Infinity, you need to figure out what your image is and get a custom logo. Clip art isn’t going to do it


I have some ideas. PM me if you’re interested


Definitely lose the ball valve on the lance…


Yea I’d go back to the drawing board


How do you know the logo has “generated” 10,000 in business? I want to see proof that without the logo, yo would not have gotten this business.


I’m kind of confused…you posted the logo and asked what people thought. Yet when @Infinity @HookNLadderPW and others gave their opinions you get all defensive. If you are so confident in your logo and its ability to make you money, then why did you need the validation? As a graphic designer, I agree with the others. The logo looks generic. It looks like it could be created in Microsoft Word. If you want my advice, take some of those profits, invest in a good logo and overall branding, and maybe you will see even better success.


That is a pretty asinine comment. You post a pic, ask for comments, get offended by comments, lie and say that the logo made you 10k. I agree that good works brings business. Maybe think about what you type before you type it in the future. There are enough nutcases on here as it is.


In other words, you were trolling us. You knew what kind of response you’d get, but wanted to prove a point.

Congrats on generating $10,000 (per month?) in business. That’s a significant milestone. But the logo only played a very small part in your success.

Perhaps with a more memorable logo, you’d be at $11k or $12k at this point. It doesn’t make a huge difference what you use for a logo, but it does make a difference. Every little bit helps.


Sorry I appreciate everyone’s comments… we need to brand it and appreciate the comments from everyone input… where can I go to brand my logo and critique it? Sorry thanks


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That was funny, but beleive me, hes not gonna use vulgarity on here. At least I hope not, ya know because of the way he scolds anyone that does. Hahaha. I respect it tho. Should be a clean forum, but I’m not innocent. I got a new Yorkers mouth for sure :rofl::joy::muscle:


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Not you, the guy who asked for criticism…then got butthurt when people criticized his Logo.


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