New little trailer build

Its not finished but just parts I had in the shop and a old trailer I had


Lookin good man, what size trailer is that?

@Firefighter4hire Are you planning on using it for smaller jobs?

I’m just going to sell it. I don’t need it


It was a 5x8. I got it from a brick Mason he used to haul motor sand on it


That’s interesting looking without the side rails

No need for side rails

Looks good. What all equipment is on it and what price are you hoping to get?

You gonna turn this reel around, or make them wind it up with their left hand backwards and underneath?

Nice, compact build

Nope im just going to wind the hose the other way

its a just a 4 gpm key staet with 4040 pump 4.5 hydrotech hot box 115v 125 buffer 50 gallon chem 12v system on a stinger with a pvc/stainless reel nothing fancy keep it simple work all day. I got a 8k offer on it i will let it go for that


Is there a way to turn the 90 that comes off the manifold, or will you have to reel it under?

the 90 is a swivel the reel will turn either way kinda like your toilet paper

Gotcha. I meant the 90 where the hose attaches, not the swivel on the outside of the drum. My hannays are hard-plumbed out of the manifold, so the hose can only lay on the drum in one direction. Meaning in your setup, I’d be reeling the hose under the drum

Edit for clarity: I guess it’s actually a 180, not a 90

hannay-reels-1516-17-18-manual-hand-crank-hose-reel (2)

Low pressure pvc insert i will just turn it around no big deal

Oh I see now. Thanks for the replies, that makes sense. I should’ve guessed from the color and layout that was your 12v hose. Are the pump and battery both in that Ridgid box? That’s cool, looks like a good little trailer!

Nice! I remember you saying you were thinking about doing a build to get rid of some extra equipment. Speaking of equipment did you ever get a new welder? I’ve been thinking about a new one and considering a new Syncrowave. I had an older one but it has been having issues. I’m a tig guy so I’ll definitely be going that route.

Question on the tank. If it happens to be half full won’t it bounce the trailer around since it’s facing the wrong way? I’m just curious how much it actually helps with the water being able to “roll” over instead of hitting the flat sides. You ought to fill it up a bit and take it for a test drive so we know for sure.

It will be full of drain tile my other trailer is set the same way it has no problems at all.

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I bought a miller