New HTML/CSS Website

Just finished putting together this new website. I built it from scratch in Dreamweaver using HTML5 and pure CSS. I am happy with the way it came out and how it performs speed wise. It is much faster than my WP site in sig.

You’ll see in the footer there are topics for blogpost that aren’t there yet. Over the next couple weeks I will be working on building a mobile site for it and slowly adding content to the blog and adding projects to the projects page.

Let me know what you guys think, suggestions always welcomed. I tried to make it"girly":slight_smile:

Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing in St Louis, MO


Why not on the about us have a nice picture of you or with wife and family if you can?

I get a few jobs a week based on family picture people tell me it made them feel comfortable having me in their home

site looks nice

I think the site looks great! Awesome job. Do you have a background in web stuff?

Haven’t thought about that, I might just incorporate that idea. Although I do look young so some people might think im not too serious. Hm I’ll have to think about that one


Thanks. No, I’ve set up a WP site before which anyone can do but this was my first html/css site and I learned it on this site.

When I first started I was clueless and then I watched a couple vids on YouTube and after playing around with it for a bit it was really easy and so much more fun than WordPress.