New Home Construction

I had a couple of guys aske me about the new home construction so I thought I would share the information with all of you.

How to get started:

  1. Contact a builder in your area and ask for their sub-contractor contact. They will probably tell you that they are fine and don’t want to/need to add another vendor. 2) Tell them you understand and ask if you can complete their application and be a “back-up”.


  1. Quantity…not at first but once they see the quality of your work, responsiveness, and great attitude, it will grow
  2. No competition with $99 guys running out their truck w/o insurance, taxes, etc etc.
  3. No advertising required
  4. No running around town for single jobs in various neighborhoods
  5. No dealing directly with customers. If the homeowners aren’t happy because of “x” and it isn’t something you missed, you get paid $100 again to come out. I deal with the builders and they trust me to do a great job everytime.
  6. Even though construction may slow down, it never stops. It is a year-round gig.


  1. The pay is less than residential (remember the quantity?) I get $200 per house the first time and $100 each time thereafter. Size of house and how dirty it is doesn’t matter.
  2. The garages take FOREVER! They are covered in red clay, drywall mud, screws, nails, and every kind of construction mess you can think of. Driveways are a pain also . (I’ll post some photos to this post once I get them off my old phone)
  3. You have zero control over the schedule. Each builder controls his neighborhood and schedules accordingly…sometimes with less than 24 hours notice.

There are probably a few more items I could go over, but that is the gist of it.

If you want more detailed information, shoot me a note.


You can also add brand new concrete is a pita to clean and not scar and painters getting paint all over the driveway lol

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@Jrk kind of touched on it already, but how do you handle the new concrete so that you don’t etch it? Are you still using a surface cleaner? or just your wand with low pressure?

I’m curious to this as well. What do you normally do when called out to clean up new construction, are you just rinsing off drives and doing normal house washes or are you treating clay stains on the siding etc? Would love to hear more abt your process on these houses as it sounds like a profitable thing to get into

I never use a surface cleaner for anything that I know hasnt been down for a few years …I use a variable/ dual tip pressure wand so I can turn it up or down depending on what crew poured the driveway

Yeah but Are you essentially just washing all the dirt off the driveway? Or what else do you do for post construction

It depends on pour …some crews do a awsome job and I can run my machine full blast and clean every inch with no scaring some are just wash off and do the best you can …others are so bad you can’t even hit them with a garden hose …i run a cleaning company so I clean the house from framing to customer sign off

I used surface cleaner and nozzles for about 1800 psi. There are some driveway pours I have to wand because of the finish or I have to walk very fast!
I always start at the curb ans see what the machine is doing to the finish.

Gotcha. Do you soft wash the house too with the $200? Just wondering what all it entails

Yes, the house wash is part of the $200. The house portion is normally a rinse off but sometimes requires chemicals if there is too much dirt.

Good to know. Might have to get into that