New Guys - Take Heed

We often hear from newer guys that come on here and ask fairly basic questions. And more often than not they do get a few answers from some of the less experienced guys but then sometimes they get their feelings hurt that we don’t all stop our businesses and spend our time answering basic questions. Realize the experienced washers on here are still in business for a reason. Odds are they’re pretty busy running their businesses day to day and come on here because they do like helping people. But you’ve got to help yourself first or a lot of you are going to get your feelings hurt.

A few days ago I noticed someone named @Fat-one had been liking some of my old posts. I looked him up to see who it was. So I want to show you some statistics from a guy who has only been a member for about 5 weeks.

Notice the number of days he’s spent reading, number of topics read and nearly 9000 posts read. This is someone who’s really trying to learn and is putting in the effort. This is what we want to see because I can tell you most the successful players on here have done the same and often on numerous forums.

So @Fat-one - Ask away if you have any questions. I’ll do my absolute best to give you a good answer as I’m sure many others on here will also. You’ve earned it.


Jiminie freaking crickets! 9000 posts in 5 weeks?? That’s like 257.142857 posts per day.


Thank you very much @Racer, darn so I’m like, Reading level: Scanner :smile:
See my current job allows me to be able to read almost during the whole 8 hour shifts, everyday, and then I can read some more at home, and of course this is a school for me and I’m trying to learn because I’m 37, have two kids, and I’m thinking to start this business soon, I can say I have learned quite a lot here, and I’m only active in this forum, but I’ve realized that I can even answer some of the questions new guys post, but still don’t, I proved that by seeing you experienced guys give same answers that I was thinking should be the correct answer, so If you want me I can answer some of them from now on :slight_smile: so you guys don’t waste precious business time, kind of help you guys a little in return for helping us. @Racer, I’m sure I’ll need your help some day, and I will ask you guys stuff. Huge thanks to all of you helpers out there.
Excuse my English.


Also for the new guys I joined in 2016 and ask very few questions but read a lot I like to write down what I feel is important things about different topics and different situations I may encounter and if I don’t have the time to write it down at the moment I will screenshot it so far I can flip back through my pages and find a solution to most of my problems so good luck to everyone and thanks to the season pros for all your advice and help


Well said.

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You can also bookmark a post


I bookmarked and removed about 20 posts so far, I have now 10 bookmarked posts that I will keep, mostly come from @Racer, @squidskc, and @Innocentbystander, and others, they are about things I think I will need when I start the business, hopefully this forum will remain active by then :thinking:, other temporary ones are videos that I want to watch but cannot (not allowed to) open while I’m working, so I watch them at home and then remove bookmark or leave it, depending on the video content.
Thanks @JHH.


I’m pretty sure @Racer has set a new record for most “liked” post. Maybe that should be the automatic first reply to every new who asks a simple, many-times-answered question.


Did you know you can bookmark posts too? (Hit the three dots and then blue banner) they will be saved on your profile page.


I’ve read quite a bit too. Wish I knew about the bookmarking from the beginning.