New Guy needing advice on equipment


Hey new to the forums and have been reading for a couple weeks now. Just wondering if this a good deal starting out in the business? He is asking $2000

Description of the Equipment:
I have 300 ft of pressure washer hose, 50 foot water hose, 19 foot extension wand, 20 inch MTM Surface cleaner, 4 gallon backpack sprayer, water sandblasting unit, 2 orange safety cones, size 12 men’s steel toe rain boots, two 5g, two 2g gas cans., extension pole with window washer, squeegee, bucket and deck broom. I also have safety harness that is not in the pictures. Also odds and ends of fittings orings and tips. The pressure washer is a 13HP Honda, Gear Drive 4.6 GPM 3500 psi with 2 of the same pumps with unloader valves that have bad seals and are belt driven.




Definitely not…that pressure washer looks like it’s seen some days. The fact he had the pump bypassing back through the pump says it’s probably run hot on many occasions. $600 tops…surface cleaner…$150-200…old used hoses???..$100…wands extra stuff…$100

Maybe $1000…I wouldnt pay more than $500 for it because it looks beat. The extension wands are a bad sign


$5-800 at most.


Just an idea


Awesome thanks to all you guys.


Definitely old GX390 - 10 years?

The newer one has a chunky silver fuel cap :slight_smile:

(It also has the old style air filter housing)


Telescoping pole should be good for gutters at the very least. The guy is gonna say no to 1000 i bet, just because of the geardrive and pumps.


If you looking to spend around that price range, you can buy new equipment and be in a better position. I agree with the others, not a good deal.


That’s too much. It is better if you buy everything new, step by step. Even if it costs you more.


Zooming in, I’m 99% sure that’s a WS201 - which is 4GPM @ 3000psi max.

Best case is a WS202 - 5.5GPM, still at 3000psi max though. It’s not likely to be the WS202 as I think they have an all brass pump head.

It will be on the sticker - ask him? I’m curious ha ha.

Maybe work on him? There’s always chance that motor has had an easy life. Plus, the older models are closer to 13HP than the newer models. Wonder if it has an hour meter?

This could get you set up (at the right price) and pave the way to a better set up.


I’ve seen this equipment for sale in our area. Must be a Portland guy.