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Hey guys. I’m new here obviously. Been lurking for a while. I run a new handyman business and took on a house wash job the other day. All I have is a Simpson 3100 psi/2.5 gpm pressure washer. The house is roughly 2500 sq’ with 2 sides reaching up to about 30’. Needless to say I got my but handed to me. I sprayed the lower areas with a backpack sprayer but I had hoped I could use my 20’ pole and 10’ ladder to reach the higher areas. I had planned to use my chemical injector with extension pole at low pressure to apply chemical to the higher spots. The injector wouldn’t work with pole attached. Is that typical? Is there a way to reach the higher areas with a smaller rig like I have? Also, how to you calculate how much chemical is being applied with injector? Do I just put the suction hose in the bottle and time how long it takes to draw the chemical out? For example, if it takes 5 mins to draw 1 gallon out using a 2.5gpm washer, do I use those #'s? I realize I don’t have what I really need but I’m just curious. Thanks.oh yeah, if you’re wondering I finally just pulled the plug on the job and referred it to another service. :persevere:

Serious question, why would you take on a job without any idea of how you are going to do it? It’s one thing to have a general idea, some light testing, and the minimum equipment. It’s another to blindly take on work and hope for the best. You could have really messed up someones home.

Another serious question, did you come from Dan’s vlog?

Ok, here goes. I hesitated to post here because I’ve been on forums like this where anytime a “rookie” without the best equipment gets chastised for trying to get started. You assume I’m some 15 year old kid that started blasting away on somebody’s house. I know how to Soft wash a house. I’m just asking if it’s possible to apply chemicals to a higher elevation with what I have. When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do a quality job I stopped work and explained myself to the owner. You took the time to respond but with sarcasm and disdain. That’s not what guys like me that are new to the profession need. If you don’t have positive feedback how about just keep your mouth shut. And by the way, I don’t know what dans vlog is but I’m sure that’s just another dig at me. Now, please give me the advice I’m looking for if you have it. Otherwise go troll someone else. Thanks


It’s bush leauge but it should work

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I used them when I was new and they almost hit 3rd story with a 2.4 gpm machine. Your injector draw rate should be in the book that came with your machine or in online specs.if not

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Great! Thanks. I read my book and it says for every 7 gallons of water pumped I’ll get 1 gallon of chemical. I’m still a little stumped as to why chemical wasn’t pulled when extension pole was attached. Maybe it reduced flow rate to a point where chemical wouldn’t be pulled? Thanks again

If not mistaken if the pole is more than 10 feet high it wont pull. Depending on the length of yoyr hose too.
Its a combination.
You are also fighting gravity
For that you need to lay it down let it pull then raise it.

If by extension pole you mean a yellow telescoping wand they usually have quarter inch hose inside and won’t allow the injector to pull.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me @awesomewash2 is still just as green as you are and trying to earn his place here after a less than positive performance the first time around.

That said, he’s contributing and trying to make it a better showing. Good on him.

That being said, if you’re washing houses as a handyman service what @Sharpe added above would be sufficient. I used it to start as well.

Toss the extension pole out.

For the record…awesomewash2, you can only wish that you could wash a house as well as Dan…from Dan’s vlog.


Thanks for all the help guys. I’m gonna look into those tips. I have a northern tool in town that has a fair amount of accessories but they didn’t have those 2 story tips. Good to hear from guys with more experience who are willing to help out. :+1::+1::+1:

I never said Dan does not do a good job. He has a video where he uses a pump up sprayer. This is why I thought he came from his youtube channel.

I am sure my quality of work is on par with Dan’s, or better. He seems like a good guy, but is seriously devaluing himself. If he is okay doing $89 dollar house washes then so be it. He is just putting less food on his table for his family and working harder for it.

There was no sarcasm in my response. You are making a lot of assumptions. I never felt you were 15 years old, the quote about Dan’s vlog was not an insult, it was because he posted a popular video using a pump up sprayer to wash a house. You did get in over your head and could have messed up the property. Most of us have been there including myself. I am not understanding why you are jumping the gun and making this into something that it is not.

Get a downstream injector if your pump does not have one, get a high distance soap nozzle from home depot or lowes. Alternatively you could get an m5-xjet. You say you know how to soft wash so I am assuming you know the chemical ratios.

Screw this,

into this and you have a quick fix shooter nozzle


Rookies get chastised because they don’t do any research and just ask questions expecting everyone to hold their hand and give them accurate consise -free info.
Secondly awesomewash 2 is correct, you don’t practice on a customers home, you don’t work on something if you dont have the proper tools and or experience\knowledge …
Third you DON’T know how to soft wash a house other wise the job would be done and you would not be asking such a common rookie question.
Feel free to ask questions a lot of people will help you, but if you don’t like the answers don’t whine about it. Just move in to the next question
We all have had people bust our chops, if that is all it takes to hurt your feelings then you really should not own a company. How are you going to react to a customer that is tee’d off.


You think Dan washes house’s good?

This is very important. Anyone new to this should practice on places that people are okay with. Practicing on some unlucky customers house is messed up.

Another way to look at it is by using this sales pitch. “Can I practice on your home and have you pay me for it. If I end up not knowing what I am doing, can’t finish the job, and possibly damage things you don’t have to pay me!”

@Jackson Please don’t take my words offensively. I am being 100% serious here. I did something similar to what you did earlier this year and did some work that I had no prior experience doing. I even researched it for a decent amount of time and still messed it up.

You know what I did?

I used gutter grenade to wash a customers gutters. This was the very first time I scrubbed gutters and I thought “just use the right ratio, be careful and rinse before, during, and after.” This is what I did and I still messed up. I turned a small area of the customers concrete orange. All of my research did not let me know this could happen. I was even careful when rinsing. It does not matter, I fucked up the customers concrete. The home owner has not said anything about it, but I still feel horrible about it. It can happen to you. It happened to me. Take my experience and learn from it.

I don’t know Dan or his work…but I have been told by folks in his community that he has a good reputation around there.

You’re lucky. I try to not say anything too negative about about someone, but don’t believe everything you hear about someone. The guy is a frigging nut job and anyone who watched more than 2-3 of his many videos is about as stupid IMHO. Last I heard he was working on a garbage truck and yet he had 1000’s of people watching his videos. Go figure. And people wonder why there are so many hacks out there.


LMAO…that is funny!

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