New guy from Ohio!

Hello everyone, wanted to formally introduce myself. My names Dustin and I’m the owner of Pure Pressure Power Washing Llc here in South Eastern Ohio. I started the business late last summer. Found my equipment for sale on Facebook and made the purchase. Read on here alot. Finally joined. I started out last year soft washing homes of friends before I started charging anyone. By the end of the season I had soft washed 25 houses and did flat work at all of them. I ended up landing a contract with a local school district to rinse the school buses bi-weekly so that kept me busy over the winter. Really hoping to jump in full speed as the weather gets a little better here. I’ve been looking into signage and maybe home advisor to get my name out there. Nice to meet everyone and I look forward to getting to know everyone better!


Woo hoo another fleet washer! That makes three lol welcome and howdy from Texas

Welcome from another Ohio fleet washer

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…and another from East Texas! Good luck to you.

Where in Ohio?

Thanks guys. My fleet washing isn’t too much. 20 school buses every Sunday. No brushing. Basically just rinsing.

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East Palestine OH

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North East of me a few hours.

Cleveland Here. I do a couple fleets but try to concentrate on commercial.

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Warren, Ohio here!

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