New Flatbed truck

So I am not the best at making video’s really my first one … but here is a video of my build


Nice rig!

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Very nice :wink:

Just curious, were you following my Truck Norris thread while you were building this? ‘Cause I see a lot of similarities.

Btw, does he have a name yet?

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Nice rig man. I went the Amish route. Any ideas?


No sorry … I got most of the idea on how I wanted it build from the guy that owns America softwash down in Florida Casey, I got the same truck he runs but he has a soft wash system on his, I build mine different because I wanted to go to a air system …

Oh yeah name is:… Flatbed Fred …lol


Well, most of the design elements on Truck Norris were far from original :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Every time I see one of these build threads I walk out in the shop and look at my trailer like:

Time to upgrade…


Please tell us about that rack. Stainless?

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No it’s not a stainless rack. it’s a aluminum Build rack… I know a guy that builds aluminum fishing towers for boats, so i call him up brought the truck over and we kinda went over what I wanted… the rack sits pretty high but I like it. It gives me plenty of room to work and fill up tanks…

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Looks good!! Where do you find the 1/2 cam locks? I haven’t had any luck finding them.

Order them from grainger …

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That’s an awesome rig. I know you’re proud. go make some money

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Nice job ■■■■■ looks clean!!

US Plastics has full line of cam locks.

Nice setup!

I took a look at you build nice work bro …looks good

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