New F9 Video. What do you think?


This is a new video that we made using pictures from our F9 Authorized Applicators for F9 BARC [URL=“”]Concrete Rust Remover.

Our Professional Applicators are finding many new ways to use F9, make a lot of money and getting amazing results. What do you think?


I can’t wat to add my rust removal project to the next video…

Len, me too. We could make a whole video on your next rust removal job! I’d like to have a featured video page for applicators who put forth the effort on these types of things. Great way to advertise for you.

Nice video pretty impressive.

It’ll be even more impressive to have a nationwide cleaning network of contractors who specialize in rust removal. This is a niche that pays!

Best Rust removal Product in the world Craig Harrison.

Me too, Len. That was a pretty big job and will be very impressive.

Ron buddy good to see you over here! Looking forward to seeing you in Huntsville… Make sure you get up with us and we’ll grab a meal :slight_smile: