New Equipment Lead Times

I’m looking to buy an 8 gpm machine but can’t find anything with less than 3-4 week lead times on the recommended sites provided. I even got a 16 wk lead time on the machine pictured below… Does anyone know a local Texas resource that may have equipment in stock, or does anyone have used equipment looking to sell?

Talk to Heath @TexasPressureWashing. If anyone in Texas knows where one is, he’ll know. He’ll respond here shortly probably. Got to warn you though, he’s ex navy, so watch yourself. He’ll be selling you the shirt on your back, lol.


$4750 iGX800 10GPM @ 3000psi in stock.

Shipping and tax extra. Would ship tomorrow.

Pickup 20653 Old Sorters Rd Porter TX 77365

What are 690s running?

I’ve read on the internet, they run over 3,000 rpms.

There’s one in every crowd :woozy_face:

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Good luck finding one. My source of iGX800’s is running low too.

Honda is not planning to change allocation levels until 2024/2025 either I’ve heard.

They are not hard to find. Pm me

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I have found a lot of places say they have them but don’t.

I just had 2 brand new 690 with 8gpm pumps

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Regular vendor? Nice

You know i was just busting your balls for fun. Idint mean anything by it. Im proud of your sir and you should be to.

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