New Equipment and Gratitude

Bought new equipment to get started. Didn’t have the funds to begin with an 8gpm, and needed to get working to complete two projects this week, so that obviated the 5.5 gpm from KEC. Kind of bummed, I keep reading in my mind over and over the post from Tim that I will start regretting buying a 4gpm probably as soon as I start using it.

This represents about half of my budget for the total budget. Needed to keep some aside for marketing materials specific to pressure washing, and also to have a reserve in case I need tools, fittings, or other stuff that I don’t see right now.

  • 4gpm 3500psi BE Pressure Cool Drive
  • 2 100’ lengths non-marking grey hose, 2 wire (this is all the shop had)
  • j-rod 4000psi tip set
  • x-jet m-13
  • x-jet bucket kit
  • 100’ 3/4" garden hose (I already have 100’ for a total of 200’)
  • 50’ poly-braided hose to extend the x-jet
  • Elemonator & 12.5
  • 5 gallon metal safety gas can
  • ramps for loading/offloading
  • tool box for pw’ing tools and fittings

There is no way I would have known about any of this stuff without the information posted on this site, and the help all of you have given. The very next expenditure will be a membership to the PWRA. In the short time that I have been visiting here I have come to appreciate that there are many top notch people here.

Thank you all very much for helping to open up another revenue stream to my window cleaning business.

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You’re well on your way.
Now go make some money!

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Is there anything I overlooked?

Yes…Join the PWRA and start using the benny’s so you can fast track yourself into making money…now;)

Yep Join the PWRA and get your discount from the Vendors…

Yeah, yard signs. You need yard signs.


But when you are ready, hit me up. PWRA members save 13%

Brother, do it sooner rather than later… Ask me how I know? I waited two years two many. The list can go on and on. Keep reading, keep learning, keep searching. I agree with Tim on the washer but its what you have so use till you can upgrade.

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Good luck!
[MENTION=444]Tim[/MENTION], I want some signs but totally custom… I’ll message you

No buffer tank? Are the ramps for moving the power washer?

Yes, get a buffer tank and get rid of the ramps.

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I just started last year, I’ll tell you this.

You’ll want a spare of almost everything. Fittings, packs of o-rings, nozzles, picks, tools, guns, DS injector, etc…all of which I learned on the forums before I started. More than once last year I blew an o-ring, destroyed a fitting, a gun screwed up, lost a j-rod or something went wrong. I always had spares with me and was back up and running in a few minutes.

Also get about eight 5 gallon buckets with lids, set up your water so you have running water available at the trailer, bug repellant, wasp spray, plastic measuring scoops, a couple dry towels, a first aid kit, leather work gloves, spray lithium grease.

Absolutely make running water available at the trailer and always pull that hose out and keep it in the same place. I learned that lesson quickly after pouring SH on my leg, but even if it’s my eyes or face I will know exactly where it is as it’s always in the exact same spot.

absolutely get a buffer tank with a float valve and leave everything in the trailer. Even with a 4gpm you can’t rely on the customer’s water to be at the flow you need. Hose is much easier to pull than equipment. You can set up a buffer tank in an hour for a $100 and some change.


When you referenced how you wasted years instead of starting sooner did you mean your business or joining the site?

You might be out of luck on getting a response back from him…he’s been gone a while

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