New driveways

I’m not much of a flat work guy. I searched a few phrases but only found general info. I’d like specific awnsers if possible. Family friend had a driveway poured right before winter( october) makes the driveway around 5 months old. Anyone else would just pass but hes good people. He never sealed it and wants to this summer. It’s got some dirt and light staining. Any Reccomenrations on cleaning methods qnd or chemical treatments that wont cause damage.

If it were me I just hit it with 12.5 and rinse. Should get it cleaned enough for sealer.


I wasn’t sure if sh would damage or lighten such a new driveway. I dont think its had much of a chance to cure yet. I’m pretty sure it snowed the day after he poured it lol. They had visqueen on it though.

What steve said.

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Good stuff. Thanks guys!

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I haven’t had a problem using 500-600 psi on concrete that is atleast 5-6 months old. I just use a wide fan tip. I’ve had to do this with hot water several times since last June to get tire marks, light oil, grease stains out of the shop parking lot and floor. It was poured last March. I think I could do it this way to the average driveway in 20-30 minutes. On newer concrete you don’t have to worry with striping since it just isn’t that dirty.


I used “film fighter”. Caustic truck was soap.

Followed with a citric acid soap. … then rinsed.

Essentially the opposite of ur traditional truck 2 step process.

Everything came off easy



Done this many times with new concrete.

It will take out light mold and leaf stains with zero pressure.

Just soak with house wash, let it sit, then rinse.

Repeat if necessary.


Straight 12.5 or 50/50?

50/50 downstreamed.

Let sit for about 5 or 10 min.


Repeat if needed.

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Ive found that it varies. It depends on the quality of the concrete poured. I’ve seen some over a year old and the cream coming off with low pressure and some a few months old solid as a rock. Test it. @gbattle always has some solid flatwork advice.

You are spot on with your advice, I could not have said anything better.

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