New concrete

Ok I already looked up what everyone has posted about new concrete but nothing posted answered my question. I have a new chick fila in my area wanting monthly maintenance. Cant use high pressure. The concrete is discolored from a lot of tire marks and a few oil spots . Just black from all the traffic. I’m not running hot water yet so is there a mix I can get it up with?

To clean commercial flatwork effectively you need hot water. if you can’t get hot water then pass on the job until you do. you’d be doing yourself and your customer a disservice by agreeing to the job.

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Hey, I got me a few Chick-fil-A’s in my schedule. Learn to spell it right, they don’t like to see it any other way. Hot water is mandatory in my opinion for this the of work!

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If you’re just removing tire marks a degreaser will probably work. but if you’re going to continue cleaning it after the oil stains and gum starts showing up, you need hot water.

I’m saving up for my hot water machine now. I was just hoping there was a way I could soft wash it without hot water being that I can’t use any high pressure. By the time that surface is ready for high-pressure I will have a hot water machine. Watched a video of a guy using EBC . I was just trying to figure out a way to take on that job until I get the hot water machine

You could work out a referral deal with another company, maybe 10%?

Just rent one. The rental place around me is $85 a day.


Twice that here


It’s 175 here for a 5.5 Hotsy

Yeah, $245/day here for a tow-behind.

Oh wow. You guys need some cheaper rentals. Those prices suck. I mean the one I rent isn’t a hotsy or landa but it does spray hot high pressure water. And it’s just a 4gpm. I just need it so little I cant justify buying a hotbox.