New concrete with stucco stains

A guy called to clean The new driveway at the newly built house. Probably less than one year old, cream top white concrete. The contractors are rebuilding the entire neighborhood from the fire and doing lots of sloppy work. He wants me to remove the stucco stains from the new concrete but I know that if I use pressure on it it will make things worse. Is it one of those walk away jobs? I don’t think Chen’s would fix this?

@Racer NMD80?

I haven’t used NMD80 on new concrete, but Rick would know.

As for the rubber/ oil stains, I wouldn’t count on much. Maybe EBC or double eagle with heat, but like you said, no pressure.

Yes this is hardened stucco finish, embedded into the concrete. Probably a lost cause

I wouldn’t touch it. Once you do, it becomes your problem


For real. It’s already got problems. Solid advice thanks bro!

Sure you would need some type of acid to dissolve that stuff but I would walk away if it was me…….

Prosoco does have a new masonry cleaner that is pretty good, I have some myself, I like it, if you were planning to attempt to clean it.

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Very low quality stucco finish and concrete is even worse.
If the interior is the same standard it’s probably best to burn the house down and start again.

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I’d walk.

Is that brand of products along the same line as F9 and Echochem? Commercial professional stuff?

Yes, it sure is. They have a ton of products. Local masonry stores likely stock some of their products.

Yes, it’s a professional line of chemicals. They have a huge lineup of stuff to pick from, you can get samples too if you can get a local distributor.

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Probably can’t use or buy in CA, lol

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