New Chemical injector


Come across this… can DS up to 500ft of hose…true?


Ummm, all that is is a GP injector with some type of inline filter or checkvalve on the inlet. Nothing special here, except maybe somebody trying to pull one over on potential buyers. (Also, they’ve got the quick connects the wrong way :smirk:)

If you want to pull chemical on long lengths of hose, step down the size of the injector. For instance, I have a 2-3 gpm injector on my 5.5gpm machine, and could probably pull soap on 500’ of hose.


That looks like a swivel. Lol


Someone had put that in a Facebook group a few hours ago but now I can’t find it. I assume that’s where you saw it? He had the link to the local vendor he bought it at. I wouldn’t waste my money on it. Seems like snake oil.


Looks like something Jn Allison would sell lol


That’s where I got it…they say $90.00 … scam