New Build Water Filter question

Building out a flat bed and have a question. I have my water filter a little higher than bottom of tank. Water will not come into the filter unless its above it. I know that the pressure washer will pull water but will it pull this much? This is my first gear drive so all new to me.

It will pull, but you need to relieve the brass sir off with PVC, don’t mix plastic and metal. What’s with the bank valve on bottom of filter? Turn the filter sideways if you don’t want it to be higher, or upside down.

Thats how you clean the filter out by opening the valve.

Also I have always heard plastic male to female metal ok. Just never metal male to plastic female. That not right?

Then you need a better filter. Draining it doesn’t clean the screen. My opinion is metal doesn’t belong around pvc

It also screws out and you can remove screen. In the middle of building my skid. Would you use through bolts or thread holes to bolt down motor to skid?

I’d recommend thru bolts with rubber absorber pads (which likely came with your machine) personally…there’s a lot of vibration and load hitting those things all day long.

Thru bolts with lawn mower blades or huge washers. You need a real filter.

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True as well…get a solid Y-filter and lay it flat…

Is there a reason you guys don’t like filter? Just curious as to why it would not be just as sufficient as any other filter. Can get these from our local plumbing store. Have used these on multiple houses and love them.

I have no use for a y filter

You are missing 3 hose clamps in your pic, have metal on plastic, no way to remove your bowl filter without taking off clamp support and you aren’t using the type of filter I use so you must be doing it wrong.


swap your ball valve for a real ball valve, using that particular one will eventually become a pain and break your nipples off
. you can try using that filter, but is easier to just listen to the guys telling you what filter to use. for starters, your filter uses a plastic mesh, and over time deposits stick to it ans corrode it making it brittle. thats if it lasts that long.
btw, I do use brass nipples in my cheap ball pvc ball valves, and I dont recommend that, so I do have a better ball valve for the tank just havent swapped it yet.

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Get on Pressure Tek and order their 1" filter with stainless steel mount. Get rid of the brass ball valve, clean the screen regularly and you should have no problems.

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Just curious what everyone has against brass valves and fittings. I’ve been in the machine design industry for 15+ years and have always used brass on everything from industrial parts washers to machine tools. Never once would anyone want or recommend PVC over brass, yet in this industry it seems the other way around. Brass is so much stronger, yet won’t rust or corrode like steel or aluminum. Brass or stainless is pretty much the standard in my line of work. I’m not saying one is right over the other for every application, I’m asking a serious question why on here I always see people saying to use PVC.

Brass is better than PVC. But, you can’t mix brass with PVC and you can’t get brass bulkhead fittings, brass filter housings etc Plus, brass is heavy, more expensive and most guys will be out of business before the PVC breaks down from sunlight, much less brass breaking down

@Innocentbystander I got a few brass bulkheads, they are a tad damaging as they utilize serrations to keep tight.
@Nickski when I said about the brass nipples inside ovc is due to stress on nipples seperated the pvc already once.

I would place strainer before and after the water tank

Y’all don’t do that. No need and it slows down the water coming to the tank

Keep your tank and pump free of debris.
Use a big strainer not a small one