New big boy washer came in today!

Got my new washer in today!
Can’t wait to get this thing fired up


Nice! I have the same motor. What pump is that?

Nice are you going to run a stand alone burner

Udor 8gpm 3500psi geardrive can’t remember the number of the top of my head

@Firefighter4hire burner is definitely the next step!..
I had this ordered before I rented the hot water machine. Otherwise I would have probably just ordered a hot water rig

So…I was under the impression 8/3500 was too much for 20hp?

I checked my 5.5/3500 and it only draws 17.5hp from my 630. At some point I’ll get a 8/3000 but not for a while.

Yeah it won’t be 3500 but I’m ok with it for the price I paid lol.

That’s an awesome combo, Best engine paired with the best pump


Nice machine bubby,congratulations sir ! Keep that new car smell as long as possible.

Did you get yours dirty yet

I don’t think @Ecowashpressurewash has it plumbed yet @Firefighter4hire . Give him a hot minute.Your so impatient. Lol

No ment yours

O, my bad ,thought you meant @Ecowashpressurewash, My first oil change is gonna be Thursday I believe, bought it last Wednesday , I treat mine like a baby does a diaper. Rack them hrs up and buy a new one when she’s tired. All maintenance done of course, In between all that.

See that’s my kind of working I just clean the diaper when I get home

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Do you have any old skid frames?

@Hotshot what did you get?! I have been wondering if you pulled the trigger

Not yet, I’m only going on my third year,all 3 are still burning fuel.

You ain’t gonna like it @SurfaceTherapy, lol. But I took the plunge to at least try one. Couldn’t resist the price. But I do have a legacy pump for it on order just in case.


@Hotshot Wow I didn’t see that coming. Pressure Pro & Vanguard engine. It is all the opposite of what I thought you were thinking. Ha

I am sure it will serve you well

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@Hotshot that’s nice…I want one :smile: