New Benefit: 30% off of vWork Software!

Hey everyone–we want to keep you updated on all the new stuff happening at the PWRA!

Last week we announced our new benefit with Xero Accounting Software and how members get 30% software and services. We are happy to announce another partnership with vWork Software which can even be integrated with Xero. All PWRA members now get 30% off of vWork as well! Enjoy!

vWorkApp is an easy to use, web-based, scheduling and dispatch system. vWorkApp is a partnership of Xero Software and is a cloud-based mobile job management system. vWork solves the problem of co-ordinating work, job information and customer requests with mobile teams in real-time. With vWorkApp, a dispatcher can create and schedule jobs for mobile workers via an account on After a dispatcher schedules a job, mobile workers receive real-time push technology notifications with job details on their smartphones.The dispatcher will receive real-time updates when a mobile worker edits job details, completes a job, etc. within the smartphone application. There are a ton of add on features too!

• See all of your active jobs
• Edit all of your active jobs
• Provide progress reports on active jobs
• Track your current location in real time using free GPS / location services on the mobile device
• Capture proof of delivery signatures
• Attach notes to jobs
• Mark jobs as completed

See a full list of software features here: vWork Features

Visit their website today and sign up for a free trial: vWork Software

If you want access to this and all the other amazing benefits the PWRA has to offer then join today! You won’t regret it! Join today (and you get 3 free months of payroll!!):