Need YOUR input on fall/ winter PWRA Webinars

We have begun planning the PWRA fall/ winter webinars.
What topics would you like to see and who would you like to present them?

How many are you planning to do? You could split it into two levels as far as technical stuff, basic and advanced. I just added pressure washing so I welcome anything.

We are open to any kind of webinar, I was hoping for of something on the business side… But Im open.

Securing large commercial projects.

Pressure washing is a service we have offered for a couple of years. This year we invested
more significantly in a trailer set up. It has been a GREAT move and we have landed a handful
of condo associations since than (4-20 complexes). The $$ is great on those.

How can I land more larger commercial projects like that? I have some experience, it just would
be great to hear from someone who has been very successful going that route.

I know I can find this but I’m to lazy to look(Actually reviewing the club in Manhattan for a Nov 9th Charity event in Manhattan)
To go off topic for a second can you guys explain what the Webinars are? Are you looking to do a live Webinar where others can interact with it or is it like a webcast where it’s more like a video?

Yeah, like an online seminar where you can interact through the computer asking questions, etc.
It’s all recorded so you can watch it later if you missed it or want to see it again.

Anything having to do with sales/marketing moving from winter into spring…

Absolutely sales & marketing. How to get the most out of your marketing dollar. I think there is enough information on how to exactly go about doing the actual work.

Agree with Chris and John here. If you dig deep enough, finding how or better ways of completing the actual labor is readily available. More webinars on the “business” side would be my vote.

Would they be computer/webcam only or mobile capability (iPhone, iPad, etc with ffc)?

Commercial sales in general. Not just large jobs.

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