Need to get a fine mist out of 4 gpm 60psi garden pump. Need suggestion

Hello guys and gals.

My mom got an old NothernTool sprayer that has a burned up pump. I told her I will update the pump so I got an Everflo 4.0 GPM instead of puny 1.2gpm northern star. lol I know it is overkill for the tiny spray wand that came with a pump so I am prepared to dedicate a link of 1/2 softwash hose and build a pvc spray wand for the cause. I need a suggestion on widest spray pattern nozzle tip that would give me the finest mist. The pump is an everflow 4gpm 60psi. I will use 1/2" hose and ball valve with a link of PVC pipe as a spray wand. Is there a tip that would give me 90 degree or even wider pattern? I don’t really care much for the distance as long as it reaches top of peach trees and is roundup and malathon resistant.

Any info is much appreciated.


You gotta do more restriction, so find out about the nozzles you need to use.

I am not sure I understand you. I am trying to find the nozzles I need to use thus the question in my post. What restriction are you referring to?

Lack of restriction results in free flow (stream), restrictions result in erratic flow (mist). If you want mist you need restriction.

Big hole-bad
Small hole-good


Or that :point_up:

Fine mist and reaching the tops of trees is gonna be a hard combo without some serious psi. I bet you’d get a decent “spray” at 2520 or 2530, but not much of a mist

That’s pretty solid life advice too…


Y’all got me in a dog house. Thought I would shine with my life smarts , told my wife the same thing. She got mad at me for some reason.

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