Need Pump For Electric Pressure Washer Build

I recently came across a used 1.5 HP (3,450 rpm) Dayton (Model # 5K242K) electric motor and decided I would build my own pressure washer to use in detailing my cars. I really don’t want to pay $1,200+ for a Kranzle 1122TS plus I like working on things in my spare time. I’m shooting for around 1,000 PSI @ 2.0-2.2 GPM. I was wondering which pump I would need to connect to the motor in order to achieve this. I already know I will need a flex coupler since I have to remove the pulley from the motor to connect to whatever pump I purchase. Any advice or resources I can research is greatly appreciated.

Hi Ryan, there’s not a lot of those kind of builds going on in this group (none that I know of). Most here are professional contractors who deal with much larger gas powered equipment. You might try calling Pressure Washers Direct at 866-618-9274 They can probably point you in the right direction. Ask for Brian.

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What Steve said. Perhaps try a pro car detailing forum.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. I will contact them and look for pro detailing forums later today. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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