Need pricing advice asap!

I need to give a warehouse parking area a quote for flat work. Is 5 cents per square too low for 100.000 square ft? Thanks so much

Too low.

Have you done parking areas before? Is it asphalt or concrete? Are you going to use chems? What is the water hookup situation? How long since it has been cleaned? Doing curbs? More info would help.

100,000 sqft?? God I’d kill for that contract. .5 is waaaayyyy low (at least in my area) unless you have some serious surface cleaners and a crew. Prices are totally different depending on your area. Some may charge .15 some may charge .35. All depends on the market.

They can give you a rough estimate of pricing on your area but at 100k sqft commercial work idk how accurate that would be.


This calculator that @Burj74 linked is a good starting point.

BUT take its estimates with a grain of salt. It never factors in weather delays (which you should price into everything IMO), water access, and not to mention in your case access to the site in general.

Insurance costs get factored into pricing and one recent job we bid just hit us all up and they want us to price in a “failure to complete” bond and resend the estimate. I walked away because our calendar is packed and I don’t think we’ll be able to finish when they want it finished anyhow.

Asking for pricing advice is good for a general baseline, but I dont personally price anything on sq. Footage.

I know what my cost is to run the business per hour and per day along with daily and monthly profit goals so we price everything using that.

Pricing per sq foot for the long list of surfaces, water access, PITA factor, and profit goals are hard jive with square foot price.

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Thanks so much for all the advice. It’s good to know I have a place to ask questions. It’s a warehouse in Atlanta with an asphalt lot. No chemicals needed and ample water sources. low PITA factor being no curbs and lot will be swept of all debris prior to my cleaning

What’s on it that needs to be cleaned?