Need nozzle info on a northstar w/ honda 5hp with Cat 2,000 psi 3GPM

Used Northern Tool pressure washer mod #157265. I just picked this up for around the house use. It needs tips and from reading applications I’m a little lost as this pump seems to put out more water at a lower pressure. The tips I looked at don’t seem to fit this application.

This is the pump:
This is the info I picked off Northern Tool on the nozzles.

2.0 size For use on pressure washers up to 2.0 GPM @ 1800 PSI.
3.0 size 2GPM/2200PSI or 2.5GPM/2500 PSI
4.0 size 4 GPM @ 3000 PSI or 4 GPM @ 4000 PSI

I don’t know the difference between them as far as what I might gain or loose in choosing the 3.0 or the 4.0. It seems I’d use the 3.0 size but if anyone has any input I’d appreciate the insight.
What I think from looking at the info is the 3.0 might be small for the GPM but the 4.0 might not let me build the pressure. I’d rather have the pressure.

If you are looking for 3gpm at 2000psi then a 4.0 nozzle is what you want.