Need help with stains

i clean my father inlaws truck. i had his saddle tanks looking real good but he said he spilled some antifreeze on it. not sure thats what it is, but i cant get it out

products that i’ve used include strikeforce, some degreasers, and an acid for polished aluminum (its a blend of phosphoric and sulfuric).

could really use some help

do i need hydroflouric?

I have no idea. Maybe somebody who does fleets will chime in.

Did you try the standard two step aluminum brightening process?

Apply a low ph acid - i use an aluminum brightener which is hydroflouric acid based, then follow up immediately with a high ph detergent like a degreaser or something like Brown Derby, then rinse with some pressure. This should re-brighten the aluminum and remove the etching in the process

I did two step but with milder products

That tank is already hammered from acidizing already, all the polish is gone. That is you no longer have a mirrored finish. So, just get yourself a good aluminum brightener and it should rip it right off. Something that has a some HF in it will work great. Be careful with the HF.

I doubt you will have much luck with the milder products for polished aluminum.

This is a sheet that I found quite a while ago, that I think everyone who handles hydrofluoric acid should print out and keep in the truck. You’d be surprised how many emergency room doctors have never heard of HF, much less have a clue how to treat exposure.

HF is a great material, but you’ve got to respect it.HF_medical_book.pdf (33.1 KB)

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I could not agree more Russ. HF has to be respected. I like the HF Medical Book, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I know of hf, being a carpet cleaner, I use it for rust removal. It makes me nervous sprayin it into the open air. Do you have any tips for application?

If your really really worried I would find another Aluminum Brightener with a strong phosphoric base. It will work a little slower but you will get the results you want. We use a HF / Phosphoric blend in our wash bay every day. You just need to be careful. Get yourself a product you feel comfortable using.

I can deal with anything. Just looking for tips before I use it

No problem, just making sure you are comfortable with using a product.

It is pretty simple. When you find a product you think will work just follow the directions. I can speak to what we use in our wash bay. For cleaning gas tanks like that one we usually use a pump up sprayer, let it stand for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then power wash it with our truck wash soap and rinse.

We sell some chems for aluminum brightening but I don’t think you want to pay shipping cost to get it to you there in MA. Especially, for such a small job.

what type of sprayer do you use? do they make acid resistant sprayers or do you just let it get ruined and buy another?

You can get acid resistant sprayers. pretty sure carries them.

Here is a link to some acid resistant sprayers. Look about midway down the page. You will see the acid resistant ones.

Hey Tim,
This little sprayer is on sale this week if your interested, normally $23.00

Thanks! I appreciate your effort in helping me out
I should be placing an order from you in about a week.

I have no idea. Maybe somebody who does fleets will chime in.

Try something like Zep Alum. It’s a mix acid aluminum brightener. Make sure to wear pvc gloves!!

Can anyone tell me, lower ph or higher ph for no brush fleet washing?. How can you raise the waters ph so you can mix it soap. Thanks