**Need Help with Quote for Building washing

Hi Guys,

I have two buildings to do that are the same in size and also side by side. They would like all of the vinyl siding cleaned and the exterior gutters. We now use our chemical and a soft wash method with the water fed pole to clean vinyl. The buildings are 2 stories high and basic rectangular buildings.

  • The back side of each building has balconies and fences to seperate each unit. Access to the back walls will be more difficult then the front.

I also want to propose a interior gutter clean quote ( to remove debri )

The places are 9700 sq. ft each

I have a rough idea what i was going to charge but I would like to get a second or third opinion from you guys!

Hope you can help!

Thank you very much

Gutters are you referring to gutter whitening or just cleaned of dirt or mold?

We will be cleaning the inside gutters ( which have stuff growing out of the at certain spots- Have not been done for a while.
& the same thing with the exterior gutters - Just to remove dirt and mold and wash with the WFP… they wont pay to have gutter zap applied to remove streaks because of the age of the gutters.


*** There is first level gutters that surround the rectangular shaped building and 2nd story gutters surrounding the building

I would be around $800-900 per building with vinyl and gutters and I don’t know what to tell you on cleaning the inside of the gutters. Probably anywhere from .25 to 1.00 a linear ft on the gutters.

Hey Nate Solutions- I really can’t even guess what you should charge because my area is so inflated it wouldn’t help you any. Just to give you an Idea, I pay over $12,000 in taxes on my home & my property is only a 1/3 of an acre.

Just figure in your head how long the job will take and how much an hour you can “realistically” get. That’s the best advice I could give you on something like this.

900 for each building?/ that’s it!

the buildings are 9700 square feet each.

They are going to take about 4 days each if one guy is working.

We could get both of them done in one day total with 2-3 guys

Is this with soft washing or using a pressure washer?

I dont understand how you could get 18000 square feet of vinyl siding done in one day with 2 guys… The backside of the places have seperate fences for each unit.

what is your process?

We did this 28,000 sq ft hotel done in less than a day…

…and yes, we Softwash with a pressure washer.

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In all fairness, we did this spread out in three 4 hour days, but that was with setup and tear down each day too. We had to start at 10am and work till 2 PM, but we could have done it in less than one day if we could, but we had to work around the hotels schedule and also that’s working around customers too.

Wow ,
you guys are fast.

I will have to get a second opinion still because I wouldn’t put my guys out for that cheap.

Thanks though for your help

Actually were not that fast and were definitely not cheap. I am probably the most expensive exterior cleaner in my area. If it was a competitive bid, I probably wouldn’t win the contract at $800 a building.

I guess I’m not tracking too well on this one 9700 Sq ft is 100 X 97, that is the size of 2 houses. I clean a house in an hour to an hour and a half. With an x-jet and a 2 man crew.
That is scrubbing the gutters, cleaning out the inside of them and washing the house; removing the dirt dabbers and spider webs. Why are you using a water fed pole? I think that is slowing you down and increasing your time.

I agree we would be done in one day as well with a soft wash

I’m in agreement with Jeremy. This could be done in a day easily by SoftWashing using a pressure washer. My price would by typical with Jeremy’s as well. Piece of cake.

it must be completely different here on the west coast of Canada then because the vinyl and gutters are really dirty and the inside of the gutters are packed full of debri - There is even plants growing out of them. Soft wash with pressure washer and chemical including inside gutters I believe to be 2-3 days each building if one guy was working.

  • The back side of the building is difficult access because everybody has there own fence and porch that we need to climb over or find a way into so its time consuming … we cant just walk through.

but I understand what you guys are saying… the soft wash with chemical applied goes fast its just these buildings have been poorly maintained with difficult access at the back.


I am going to measure this in person tomorrow to get the exact square footage because on google earth its looks big but the strata guy is saying its 9700 sq. ft.

Sorry for any confusion guys ,

I will get back to you soon.

Nate, in all honesty, they can be the nastiest vinyl you have ever seen in your life and it still wouldn’t make a difference. The fencing would slow you down a little, but for a 2 story building it wouldn’t slow me down that much. Depending on how the fencing was, we might not even need to get in the fence. I can shoot a building from about 40 ft away, and shoot about 50ft up in the air to clean. I would tell you how, but in your responses in one of the roof cleaning threads, you say you have learned everything you need to know from your expert. I do think it’s kind of comical that you will use a pressure washer on a roof but you want to Softwash vinyl with a Water fed pole (Never heard of that before?). Too bad you already have it all figured out with your methods. I just know that we can probably clean basic vinyl squared buildings with no obstructions probably 50,000 sq ft of vinyl easy with 2 machines and 3 guys in a full day if they were all together…and we don’t bust it like several other guys here. I’m sure some of the guys here would laugh at me for the small amount of work I could get out but they like to work a lot harder and push themselves and their guys too, so I’m sure some of them could conceivably double what I do in a day.

What kind of equipment are you working with (GPM not PSI)

Nate Jeremy’s right. The hardest part of your job will be to clean and flush the gutters since like you said there’s plant life growing in them cause their so bad. Besides that the dirtier the Vinyl the better because the results will be astonishing and they come pretty fast. Working away from the sun, wetting the area your going to clean,apply your cleaning solution and maybe a little stronger on the SH if the vinyl is that dirty, wet the windows again, do not let cleaning solution dry on what your cleaning, now go to the next section, wet it and then apply your cleaning solution. Go back the the previous area you put your soap up and rinse(softwash) it off then go to other areas and rinse that soap off as well… Do this all around the complex. One guy can do your job in a day- both buildings… Except for maybe the gutter problem you have. But you maybe surprised there as well.

The most this job should take you is 2 days but then again we need more info such like Jeremy is asking. How many GPM’s is your PW, how are you applying your soap etc.

Anything vinyl is easy to clean fast with great results.