Need help with pricing

I went to price out a business who wants me to pressure wash monthly/every other month due to ice cream stains and the landlord getting on him. I quoted him $400, it is a pretty large concrete area and just want some pics of what a 400 dollar concrete job/area should look like. The area is not super dirty except for the ice cream stains. I really want to land this job as it would be recurring

You quoted it and now want advise on how much to quote???

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Yes. I’m wondering if I should give the guy a call back and say I will do less, I believe my pricing wasn’t bad but I really want this job as it would be recurring and help me get started up and he doesn’t seem to have a ton of money compared to other people around here. So if you have pictures of a $400 concrete job I’d love to see them

How many sq ft is it? And where are you located?

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Lol it doesn’t quite work like that in the real world.


How long do you think this job will take you to complete?

From the time you arrive to the time you drive off?

Also, how far is this job from where you live?


What equipment do you plan to use to perform the cleaning as well?

Yes but do they have that ice cream with the peanut butter in it?

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@Infinity lol

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Ok I will bite. How did you come up with 400.00?

I concur with Nickski. You’re closing the barn door after the horse got out. Nonetheless, if you get the job, rinse enough times to leave no residue or you won’t get a return engagement. Depending on sq. ft. involved, $400 sounds a bit low. Remember you can always come down to give the customer a fair shake but it’s really hard to go up if you were too low.

Call him back and say $375 for first time service and $250 - $285 per month afterwards. Make sure you’re using hot-water and a surface cleaner otherwise he will find another company that has the proper equipment to get his concrete cleaned… make sure you add some value… offer to squeegee the front door windows or wash down his building storefront. (Should take less than 5 minutes and adds a ton of value on top of the concrete cleaning… don’t be cheap)