Need help. What chemicals should I use to remove this orange rust on concrete foundation?


Oxalic acid or f9 barc. Theres other products out there too. Search “rust removal”, " rust stain" something along those lines.

I tried the F9 barc. I’m aware it works very well. I’m aware that I applied it wrong. what would be my process to clean this concrete. We cleaned the entire house and left the rust stains for last. How would you go about removing them. Now that the house is clean and I only have the concrete left to remove the rust. Please let me know you thoughts

If it’s not too large of an area I’d roll on f9 starting at a 1 to 1 ratio and if it didnt work bump it up to 2 to 1. Basically just follow the instructions on the bottle. Oxalic is much cheaper so if it’s a large area that’s my go to. Use a paint roller, or spray it on but for concrete the roller works better. Sprayer fine for siding.

But you should’ve started here first. You’re the one that asked about cleaning a wooden deck the other day instead of reading any of the 400 deck threads in the search…

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