Need help to remover grease stain

Hi everybody

Need help to remover stains grease

That’s been there a long time. It’s not drops of oil anymore, it’s all spread and baked in.

It’s likely to have penetrated very deep and not just on the surface.

I’ll watch this space because all the degreasers in the world won’t shift that. Heat would be needed.

(Fresh oil is easier to get rid of)

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Lots of heat and a very strong butyl degreaser will only lighten the stain at best.


Looks like it’s been there a while, I wouldn’t bother trying

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You can lighten it up if you have heat and a good degreaser but that ship has pretty much sailed as far as removing most of it.

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Weed burner and lots of time… and you will likely start popping the concrete like popcorn. Lol.

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Do you have a hot water machine? Oil can penetrate inches into the concrete over time.

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Not, MITM 4200

That would still leave a stain behind wouldn’t it? I’ve never done it but I’ve seen a couple videos.

Tell me more about this.

I’m not recommending it at all, it’s risky because the concrete can start to pop and crackle, the pop out little chips if you get it too hot. I did it at a local school where the busses stop to load/unload and the parents drop off and pick up, lots of rednecks around here with leaky trucks!:rofl::rofl:. It was my high school and I know everyone well, and discussed the risks and they told me try whatever it takes.
When it warms up I’ll be doing it again at a truck diesel pump when it warms back up.

It worked surprisingly well, but it does take lots of time, gotta be slow on he heat.

I’ve tried it just using a torch. It works pretty well but it took about 30min to do a 6" spot.

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@Racer was that after using the kitty litter as well?

LOL, no kitty litter just for fresh spill. It was on a couple of 6 month old spots. Put it like this, that’s been about 4-5 years ago and I’ve never done it since.


Degreaser has to penetrate the oil stain. The length of time it took the oil to get that deep into the concrete it will take the degreaser just as long unless your using hot water or other chemicals to open up the pores to allow penetration.

Not practical for a customers driveway…but for your own.

Pour degreaser straight onto the stain, let it sit and don’t rinse Repeat everyday for a week. The do it once every few days…then once a week. After a few months of rain and sun it will be 99% gone.

I did this on my own driveway and it works

But again not practical for a customer situation


Maybe you could use one of those products that has the micro organisms eating the petro. I never used it, but read here that it works(slowly). It also takes time

Since you only have cold water, you could use caustic. The solution it self heats up. But really its better to pass on the job.