Need Help Selling Trailer

I’m trying to sell a trailer I had built. The people that put it together took a few months to get the engine in and I lost my accounts. I am going back to school and don’t have the time or resources to rebuild. The engine has never been used (we run it so it doesn’t die), the tanks haven’t been filled, everything on this trailer is brand new. We are at least trying to get our money back and asking for $18k. Does anyone have any tips on how to sell it, or is there anyone on here that’s interested?
Located in Central Florida
Honda GX690
16 ’ dual axel trailer from Amp trailer
1-330 gallon water tank
2-50 gallon chemical tanks.
3- hose reels with hoses.
2- guns
Battery operated chemical tanks

You won’t get 18k out of that. Probably more like 8k. Maybe 10.

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I would start with pictures

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Even with a GX690? I figured the price would drop but I didn’t think that much.

You didn’t mention it was a hot water unit. “Gx690” is just the engine, and those engines can be had for ~$1.7k. The hot water machine is a big bonus though. With that I’ll say $13k-15k.

What size is the trailer?

16x8 ft

What’s the model number of the pressure washer? That’ll help with determining value. I see that it’s a pressure-pro unit.

I may be interested. I’m not too far away from you.

Can’t currently see the model number (it’s dark out), but I know it’s 8gpm 3500psi.

Send me an email to and we can talk more there!

Looks like a nice build and this a great time to be selling. May not get $18, but you should be able to get close. Honda just had a 25% increase and I’ve been shopping for trailers and you can’t touch a new one for less than $3500. Post more pics.

Here are some more pictures as requested.

Apparently, I can’t put more than one picture at a time.

y, you can only post one at a time until you’ve been here a little while. Like said earlier, nice clean build. Good luck with it. Have you put on any of the FB pages.

I put it on pressure wash equipment buy/sell. I had to fix some grammar so it’s not currently up, but those people are sharks compared to you guys!

You are marketing this all wrong. I would delete and repost wherever, your posting makes you seem a little desperate. You are going to attract low ball offers. This forum is really laid back, but I get the sense that there are sharks lurking in the shallow waters here too. Just simply put something like I am exiting the business and am selling off my equipment, but I am not in a rush.

Every single person on here will quickly do the math and come up with what the unit costs with the equipment. They do it in their sleep.

Stand on the fender well and take a top down picture. Stand in front of it, to either side of it, and behind it. Get a close up of the unit. Show the reels if they are stainless (name them if they are) . List the hose length and type of hose, size of tanks, etc. Put down the specs of the trailer e.g. it’s a 2021 7k rated dual axle trailer with LED lights and cross members on 16 inch spacing, currently inspected.

You do you as the kids say, I was just giving one man’s .02 and it is worth everything you paid for it. I will honestly tell you that as soon as you said you paid 18k I initially thought I should offer 7-8k. But that was just the hustler in me and I don’t need another machine or trailer…unless I can turn a quick profit.

I honestly hope you sell it for as much as you can. I have nothing against you.


Ignore the sharks. Do as @Dirtyboy says on your pics and specs. Figure out your hard costs on the materials on the trailer, not counting what you paid someone to do the build and that should be your bottom dollar. Someone who is serious will come along. That’s a nice turnkey setup that someone could buy and start making money tomorrow.

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