Need help finding Square tanks

I think @Infinity runs them. But I am looking for 2 vertical plastic tanks. They need to be at least 80 gallons. They will be used for a brine sprayer this winter, then for my pw build in the spring.

Tank depo has an 8 week lead time on them and I can’t wait that long. Where y’all get your tanks?
This is an example of what I need.

@dperez would know, but he’s on vacation, but he’s nebby,and will probably chime in a give me hell. :grin:

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Powerwashstore has 55 gallon ones. Could get a couple of those.

I would have to squeeze 3 in with only 55 gallons.

Can’t offer on where to buy but thought I’d put my $0.02 in and keep up with this thread for a bit.

I was looking to get the ~55 gal tanks but everywhere I found was %50 shipping basically. 2x 55 tanks and 2 sets of the custom straps was over $1000 quote with the shipping. It’s a no go for now.

I looked at the first 4 or 5 “tank vendors” that google came up with and while they all had exactly what I was looking for and were fairly priced for the tanks themselves, again the shipping was truly cost prohibitive.

I think I did find one that had flat rate $100 shipping but since I couldn’t find the cool custom straps unless ordering through the Power Wash store, I decided to table it until a thread popped up on PWR with better information. If I come across that one with the $100 shipping I post the link.

Hoping someone else knows how to get a deal somewhere. Good luck.


I have run these in the past.

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Glenn industries Clearwater FL . He had them in stock last time I was there. 7275720111


PWS in Charlotte has the 100 gal and I’m sure they do up north too. Whichever is closest. They’re $225 each.

Try an RV store or restaurant supply.

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I’ve looked up Rc tanks but dang are they expensive!

Search used, like offer up. Also use “water container” as keyword.

Might have to drive to the Wisconsin Power Wash Store

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That seems like a lot of work!

How much space are we working with

I’m going to throw the salt spreader back in tomorrow and see if this will fit. I want to say I had 20 inches of room. But I may be able to move the spreader back a few inches.

I’ll measure it tomorrow. I think I had 20 inches between the spreader and front of the bed.

Why do you have the spread to the far passenger side? For the new rear plow or something?

I’m sure you have seen them but TSC has 65 gallon upright tanks in stock

Yes so the big control box that runs the plow will fit. They are custom mounting the control box to the drivers side so I can run both at the same time.

It also makes it safer loading salt. Don’t have to hang a machine as far over the bed and risk bumping it.

Still wishing I had a flatbed! But I’ve blown through too much this year already.

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I saw that. The 75 gallon tanks above are the same price delivered if I order 3 and take up the same footprint.