Need Cleaning solution advice please!

Hi. I’m presently using Clorox outdoor bleach or Home Depot brand for power washing houses which is 8%. It works really good but it costs me around $4.50 or $5.50 a gallon. Does anyone know a product or a supplier that I can buy volume and get a better price? I heard people use calcium chloride pool shock but I’m not sure of the formula to bring it down to 8%. I appreciate any help! Thank you!

Don’t use that calcium chloride stuff it’s not meant for what we do. Buy 10-12% chlorine from a chemical supplier, hardware store, or pool store. Use a proper surfactant and do some research on it all to help yourself gain some knowledge.

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Where are you located?

Google -> “chemical supply company near (insert your city).” If one is over an hour away just order a bulk amount if you can spare it. One of the cities we have a location in has product 1.5 hours away. We order 4 55 gallon barrels. The alternative is getting the not so good stuff for a much more expensive price.

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Check out my post at the bottom of this thread: Understanding Bleach Degradation

Home Depot - if this is your only source, be sure you are getting the Chlorinating Liquid in the pool section. Comes 3 gal to a case and is rated as 10%. Buy 4 cases and they take $1 a case off.

My comments at the bottom of that thread assume all things relative - Home Depot is actually 10% and the Pool Supply SH is actually 12.5%. In my area, we do not have reasonably priced SH suppliers. Amazingly, Home Depot 10% is the best value, again read the comments on that thread.

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