Need advice re: Sun joe galvanic corosion

Hello! I have been racking my brain for some time regarding how to solve the issue of the fittings on the sunjoe spx units being aluminum. My garden hose uses low lead brass fittings, and all my quick connects and shutoffs for it are brass.

On the water input for my pressure washer the fitting is a male aluminum fitting that an additional aluminum filter fitting/adapter with a screws over (included with washer).

Currently each time I go to use my pressure washer I screw the male end of my brass quick connect into the female aluminum adapter and remove it with a wrench when i’m done for the day. I could technically leave it in and let it galvanize and deal with never being able to unscrew it again.

A slightly better option seems for me to get a brass 3/4inch female to female coupler and let that galvanize to the washer that way if my quick disconnect needs to be replaced I know it will come off and not galvanize to the brass.

Is this the best solution or does anyone have any other ideas?



ah, yeah I should have remember polypropylene was a material option. Do you know where I could pick up a polypropylene female to female 3/4 inch ght coupling (male to male / female to male is fine also.) I’d prefer that for now because it would allow me to keep using all brass quick disconnects. Can’t seem to find any on amazon or the camlock website.

Tractor Supply

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Tractor Supply has everything

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Apologies I know i’m asking to be spoon-fed here but would one of you mind linking me a coupling that would work for my needs? I just looked through tractor supply and camlock and still can’t quite find what i’m looking for.

Everything you want: Polypropylene 3/4" Male Camlock Fitting x 3/4" Male Plastic Pipe Thread

Yep that will work, thanks for the help @Steve and everyone else.

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