Need advice on storing ladder and surface cleaner on open trailer

Here is my current trailer setup. Overall I really like the layout. I am going to add a softwash setup soon and will just add a DIY proportioner somewhere and then include a 15 gallon bleach tank.

My concern now is where and how to store a ladder (little giant - 8’ folded size) and my surface cleaner to get it off the floor. I am considering welding some upright supports on the left side of the trailer (pump side) and adding some sort of hooks to hold the ladder and SC. I also thought about adding an upper section about 4-5 feet above the trailer so I can throw the ladder and SC up there as well as my poles and stuff.

Any suggestions? I will also add another hose reel for my SW setup above the current hose reels.


I really don’t think you have enough trailer to support a ladder rack

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I don’t know how often you use ladders but if not very often you could probably get by with a telescoping ladder. They collapse down to a tiny footprint so they take up very little space. Wouldn’t even need a ladder rack.

1st, since the tank is a tiny footprint, mount tank and machine over axle. put reels on back, box in front and ladder and SC over tank with the added ladder rack. add chain and padlock. putting reels in back will speed up the wind unwind process.

Used open trailers are fairly available right now, any way you can get like a 6x10 at least?

I would start again and upgrade from a garden trailer to something more heavy duty. Will make your life easier.

I run out of 5x10 with a 3k axle and installed a ladder rack with no problems. I’ve got (2) 2x6s running from the front support to the middle support on the rack where I have surface cleaner strapped. I’ve got a 65 buffer tank and 30 Chem tank.

I think his trailer is more of a 4x6, not a 5x10.

When @MuscleMyHustle said garden trailer I was thinking of this:

I don’t know where you plan to go with this or where you are financial but I’d look at a slightly bigger trailer with a gate. It will allow you to lay things out so that it is not cluttered and give you room to grow. And it’s easier to back a bigger trailer.

I use the gate as the back half of my lader rack. I also have all of my pvc brush holders mounted on the inside of it and a sign on the outside. Right now my surface cleaner rides on top of the ladder. I may end up making brackets and hanging it horizontally on the gate as I hate having to move things to get to other things.

Hey, stop taking pictures of my rig in my garage! How the hell did you get in there?

Thanks guys. Since I am only in my first month I am going to stick with this trailer. It’s a 5x8 heavy-duty trailer with underslung suspension and is built very well, so no concerns there.

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Iv been rockin a 4x8 trailer for 2 years, makes money. If you are pursuing this fulltime you will need something to grow into like a 6x10 or 6x12, but if you are small and want to stay small your set up works. Just find a better place to put the SH.

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