Need advice on pool deck

Hey guys, yesterday I went to a clients house to clean his pool deck and it was rough. Very dirty, plantation growth in between everything, the works. The real issue though, is it wasn’t sealed and all of the little pebbles were loose. If I hit it with any amount of pressure or a surface cleaner everything would come up. The customer was aware of the issue and expects it to get destroyed. How do I go about cleaning this without destroying the surface?

Don’t clean it.

walk away
just tell the people what its going to do…
do u want to do it or not?.. then walk away

Too much hassle huh?

Brush it.

It comes out

If the customer expects it to get destroyed, then draw up a simple contract and have them sign. Hit it with a DS of mix and rinse with very low pressure to avoid as much as possible.

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I’d be more worried about the pebbles getting in the pool pump and filter. You can bring the pressure down and do a few passes just treat the concrete prior.

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Carry your blower and blow all loose pebbles out of the way or gently brush. Then softwash with roof pump about a 3.5-4% mix. Let dwell 10-15min. rinse with garden hose or very lightly with your softwash tip. Easy peasy - if you’re there longer then 2 hours you’re eating lunch and taking a nap. Don’t tell your customer that. Make it sound like it’s the 2nd coming if you can get clean. I’d be about $400-$500. May have to hit a few spots more than once, after you rinse, but I doubt it.


Love it!

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Soft wash it. put down a 50/50 roof mix and lightly rinse it off.

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Took forever, used a hot mix, but after 2 passes, I still couldn’t get all of it out and way interchanged him. That’s what I get for giving a price without inspecting first. Lessons learned. Only good part out of it is that he wants me to do everything else and do regular maintenance cleaning.

got any after pics?

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Unfortunately Not. The floor wasnt level so all of the water just went to the corners. Couldn’t get a nice pic to save my life. I honestly don’t know why the client had me clean it since he wants to replace it all.