Need advice on buying a pressure washer

I am new to the fourm and just beginning in the pressure washing business. I am trying to make a decision on what pressure washer to buy and was looking for some advice. I have about $1,000 to spend and from what I have read understand I need at least a 4gpm pump and a Honda engine sounds the best. I am thinking about the Simpson Powershot 4200 psi, 4gpm with the Honda engine. Any advice on this or other pressure washer I could
look at would be greatly appreciated.

If I were starting over with only $1k, and credit was not an option, this is what I would do (and is fairly close to what I actually did):

Get a small flatbed utility trailer
Outfit it with hose reels, hose, small buffer tank, etc.

^^If you’re careful, that part should cost $800-$1k

Get several jobs lined up, and find the largest rental machine you can. Make a couple grand, and complete your setup with this:


Thanks for the advice.

IMHO, Alex nailed it. If you buy the pressure washer first you’re going to wish you had the other stuff to go with it. It makes life a million times easier. I still rent most the bigger gear I need for commercial work. I.e. Large hot water pressure washer, larger surface cleaner, etc.

I found an Aaladin dealer here in KC that meets or beats all local equipment rental prices. Check your area.

4000 psi 4 gpm is perfect to start with. a higher gpm will do faster but at some point a higher psi will come into play, like for concrete and shooting long distance.

Thank you for the advice, I am currently using a 2.4 gpm Briggs and Straton from Lowes, pretty sure the job I did yesterday was it’s last. It started leaking oil and was loosing pressure. I have decided to purchase the Simpson 4gpm washer I mentioned early. I completely agree with the idea of renting the pressure washer and buying the equipment such as hoses and reels until I have enough to buy a better presser washer. This, however, is more of a “side hustle” for me and I just didn’t feel comfortable scheduling a job without actually having a pressure washer. There is only one place local that rents pressure washers, and they only have one or two. I tend to have bad luck and can see me scheduling a job and not being able to rent a pressure washer.