Need Advice on a crazy idea - Kubota V3600T Build

I’m in the pest control industry. I have an enclosed trailer with a Kubota V3600T running a 40kw generator, used for killing bed bugs. The trailer isn’t used every day and I’d like to set up a pressure washing setup in it, as the trailer and motor are already there.

The motor puts out 66 hp peak, so it will drive just about anything I can attach to it. Would it be possible to attach a 8-12+ GPM belt driven pump to it? If so what pumps would people recommend, if this is possible? Also, I haven’t looked into hot boxes much, but it seems they all run off either 12 volt or 115 volt, so would I be able to run a hot box off the generator?

My questions are, is this even doable, and if so is it worth considering over a full dedicated pressure washing setup.

I’m thinking id like to get into either Fleet washing or residential, as I’ve already got a customer list of 2000 homeowners and property managers that would likely be interested in the services.

As a 20 year old business owner i’m simply trying to make the most use out of my assets, and come up with some outside of the box ideas.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great, im assuming this won’t go anywhere but figured I’d like to pick the minds of pros.


You could run 3 or 4 high gpm pumps off that. Awesome platform. Run a multiple sheave and as many pumps ad you want. If you are doing fleetwashing 5 or 6 gpm is plenty, especially if you have to reclaim.

If you decide to leave the generator and not run a sheave off the tail shaft, you can always run electric pumps. You should be making more than enough juice.