Need a pump

Anyone have a good direct drive 4/4 or 4/3500 they are looking to get rid of? Found a GX390 with a bad pump.

You need a stronger password brock, I think you’ve been hacked.


i have one.

Lol no, just passing the time by rescuing these washers I find locally.

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LOL those don’t exist.


Rebuild the one you have then

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What’s wrong with my machine?

I think he’s assuming you’ve already acquired it. He does bring up a good point. You can probably rebuild that pump for around $100 and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a good used one for that kind of money. Plus, it’s easy as pie and if your goal is to move it then I wouldn’t bother with pulling and replacing the pump.

Oh the pump. It’s just some guy locally with a trashed DeWalt machine with a GX390, easier to just replace the pump.

Yes sorry I assumed he needed a good pump since the thread title reads “need pump” and I read he has a good GX390

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So you don’t have the used machine you need the pump for?

Lol no I already have an 8/3000 machine, this is just a thing I’m doing to pass the time this winter. I already fixed up that belt drive I got for $250, some guy is selling a GX390 on a Dewalt cart with a bad pump for $50 if he ever gets back to me.

Jesse is sending one if his used 4/4 pumps.

What’s up with your phone?

Nothing to my knowledge, I’ve been getting MMS all day. It’s probably on your end but I restarted mine just in case. Nice to see you hung on to that custom shipping caddy I made you lol if you’re looking for a some good o-ring lube check out Dow Corning 111

Please don’t buy it on Ebay or Amazon! Same with Loctite it’s all getting counterfeited like no other