Need a New Pressure Washer

Looking for new 4gpm hot water machine under 4 grand, please any leads

Check your local rental place. I’m the only one that rents the thing with any regularity and they have a rent to own program. I’m nearly certain they’d sell it to me for a discount.

That’s easy, get you a 4 gpm belt drive with cat pump for about $1400 and the a hydrotek for about $1600 - $1700 if you shop around. For about $33 - 3400 including freight you’ll be good to go.

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Your missing the $500 dollar generator to run the hotlink
Also now you have 3 item taking up floor space, but still not a bad route

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The Hotlink can run off outlet from house unless a long run. But yes, may need but will easily run off one of the little predator ones for less than $400 that you can use for other stuff. But not as compact for sure as a skid unit.

I think I’m gonna get the hot water skid. I’ve been in contact with some vendors . Including @PWProducts they are so helpful! @PWProducts has some more than fair prices on their supplies.


Yeah, but ive never been a huge fan on having open outlets when spaying water. Especially when its SH. Same thing with the booster pumps people run off peoples house power.

What is SH

A fancy way of saying bleach.

Sodium Hypochlorite - bleach/chlorine…if you look at a bleach bottle, the first ingredient will be SH, with a percentage.

I know this is an old thread, but @Racer do you have any experience with the Hydrotek Hot Link? I’m looking at one so just curious if anyone has any experience with it.

No, but I’ve heard they’re ok. I see used ones for sale time to time.

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Good deal, thanks. I am looking at one and its a pretty decent deal so thought I’d ask before I pulled the trigger. I really like the small footprint it has and it would work really well for me from that standpoint.

My first machine was a hydrtek it was a great unit… has over 2000 hours on it when I bought it. Probably another 1000 hours on it when I sold it. My impression of hydrotek is they make quality stuff.

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