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Pound sand

Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh :joy:

The other day I cooked spam on a stainless steel pan, sliced, sprinkled some Creole seasoning on it, came out good, salty but good

How do you make it?

Sliced thin, pan fried or grilled. French’s mustard.

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Sounds good, on bread or just with a fork?

Yes and yes. And with hashbrowns, eggs, on hamburger buns, in tacos etc…


I bet it’s delicious with mustard in king’s Hawaiian rolls

Get out of my windows. That is exactly what we had for supper tonight. Except my wife used ham but she doesn’t know how to eat redneck.


Man, I’m going to revoke your Spam club membership eating all those flavored things. Nothing beats the original

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I agree but they were birthday presents. I got a case of 24, variety pack. My kids know how to shop for me.

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Ive ate many things in my life including insects. Something i actually like is balut

But ill NEVER ever try spam not even for $100. I dont know why but everything about it just seems like its very gross. Just makes my stomach turn.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

My dad remarried a Filipina and I love most of the food but I draw the line at the balut and pig blood soup. When I was visiting the Phillipines there were other things I couldn’t identify and they were a no go too. Now the BBQ pork (lechon?) Is outstanding!


I’m in the Dominican for vacation right now and there is a huge buffet at our resort and every day there’s a big slab of spam…the Europeans here act like it’s gold.


LOL, that’s because it is. Don’t tell IBS, he’ll be booking a flight tomorrow. A spam buffet.

Enjoy your vacation. Sure you deserve it.



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In the name of Spam I move to declare a new name for the end of the week! We shall call it Fryday!

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I like spam cut up in Mac and cheese… but I’ve also been known to enjoy those slimy, mushy little Vienna sausages and oysters in the can.

In Thailand I ate crickets out of a popcorn tub and duck straight off a roasted duck with the head still on it.

On my list of won’t eat items: sweet potato fries.

What kinda awful, evil deep in the soul, malarkey is sweet potato fries? I gagged typing it.


I saw sweet potato tater tots on a menu today! :flushed:

There are actually people who subject their families to sweet potatoes and marshmallows on thanksgiving… that’s criminal.