Need a flexible hose, What material?


Brand new on this site. Just got a nice Champion 2600 psi/2.3 gpm gas powered washer and it came with a plasticy kind of hose. Even in 50’s and low 60’s the hose is very stiff & holds its curls. Difficult to lay out straight & maneuver. Perhaps in the summer it would be OK but very difficult to work with now. One use I got it for is to wash under car for road salt removal so it will be used in much colder temps.

I was thinking that a rubber based hose would be more suitable or possibly another material. Even tho many ads say “flexible” the reviews often disclaim this.

I only need 25 foot length. I see a lot of complaints about hoses bursting, forming big bulges that have or might create a dangerous safety hazard, etc.

As a senior on fixed income, of course I have to watch the bucks.

So, looking for guidance from the wise. Any tips, especially from a hose you own & use rather than too much theoretical is greatly appreciated. Brand & model would help if possible.

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You will be sore pressed to find 25 ft sections from most vendors.


I still hand roll hoses, so whatever you get be sure it has some texture to it. I made the mistake of getting a smooth one and it’s impossible to coil up.

I’m rather fond of this, have two right now.


Thanks for your reply. Not sure if you know the brand.

I believe I need a 1/4" w/M22 fittings. I would prefer 23 footer as my washer is not to big and I think the manual (can’t find it at the moment) states they do not reccommend over 25 foot. My needs are small but other than quality, I was hoping to find a hose that would remain flexible at lower temps, say in the 30s. I see a “FLEXZILLA” ugly green hose that would meet the basic specs. Prices seem at the high end of what I was hoping to spend but not sure about the flexibility/temp continum of it.

Thanks again.



I think the Flexzilla is an air hose?


They have air hoses, water hoses AND pressure washer hoses.



Flexzilla makes some good garden hoses that stay flexible at low temps. If they have pressure hose that meets your specs, then that’s probably your safest bet


I hadn’t seen their pw hose before. I’d give it try for a home owner unit.


gonna call them tomorrow. Maybe I can get a better sense.

Can you use a 5/16 hose on washer that came with a 1/4" if they have the same fittings & if so what would be the difference???

Pressure Washer Hose - Flexzilla® Premium Hoses, Tools & Equipment


Pressure Washer Hose - Flexzilla® Premium Hoses, Tools & Equipment

Flexzilla® offers a revolutionary pressure washer hose that redefines flexibility, even under pressure. Unlike o…


Should work fine, maybe even a little better. Difference is 1/16” in diameter, and approximately 56% larger flow area (you can check my math if you like: pi * r^2)

You’ll have less pressure drop, but with only 2.3 gpm and 25’ of hose, the difference should be negligible.


That will be perfect for your needs if the fittings are the right size.


How about canoli oil? Champion says the fittings sound right. They didn’t recommend the 5/16" hose but did say this washer can handle a 50’ pressure hose.

Spoke to Flexzilla, the rep said that the hose remains flexible & easy to handle & coil at freezing & lower. Trying to find best price & best seller combination.

Thanks for all your feedback. I will post results when I get hose & try it.



Something was lost here, I think :thinking: :smirk:


Ok thats weird. Didn’t notice my post had that in it. I thought he was joking about soaking his hose in cooking oil.


Would peanut oil work? I still have a ton left over from the turkey fry


No your auto mechanic might have a peanut allergy.


Well Cannoli oil is often mistaken for the more common Canola oil. Cannoli oil is produced by placing a cannoli in your hip packet & forgetting it was there, you sit down, squeezing the oil into your jeans. Wring the jeans out into a large bowl & you have it. Makes a better mix with gas for CZ motocross bikes, smelling way better than the classic castor oil mix. Of course you could just eat the damn cannoli in the first place.



Lol thought it was a typo. Let me know how that flexzilla hose feels and works for you. Might be a decent hose to recommend customers at my job (tractor supply)


Hey Grizz, I got my washer thru TSC, I see they have the Flexzilla listed but ONLY a 25 foot 5’16 version. I could use that , might be stronger per Flexzilla .

I think they have it in stock at my local TSC. The cannoli oil was optional tho. *:-O surprise



Text me if that hose will work for you before you purchase it. Ill hook you up with a good deal. 864-754-2211