Natural Slate Roof Cleaning

Hi y’all, it’s been a while! Year 2 in business is going well, thanks to what I picked up from this forum… I’m going to start on a Natural Slate roof wash in the morning. It’s definitely the most fragile and unique roof cleaning I will have attempted.

The local power wash store owner, here in Nashville (great guy), suggested I use HD Heritage Restorer by Eacochem. I called Eacochem to be certain, he was kind of a ■■■■, but he gave me the answers I needed. I felt like I was wasting his time paying $180 a pail.

Anyways - from what I have seen online - I just have to wet the slate, spray on undiluted (according to instructions), keep it wet while it dwells (will be drizzling tomorrow), and then thoroughly rinse away. They went out of their way 3 times to say not to let it dry.

Am I missing anything? I’ve never used this product before. Anyone that has experience working with natural slate, your expertise would be so appreciated.

One more thing - can I not xjet this where it needs to go? It says spray on undiluted, but want to be certain that isn’t a sales tactic? Thanks!

I’ve never done slate, but I’d trust the shop owner. If it’s too gentle, everything I’ve read says SH isn’t a problem but definitely don’t use any surfactants or detergents

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@florida_condo_cleani I know you clean these a good bit

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Sorry man that looks nothing like any slate roof I’ve ever come across. I would contact the manufacturer and get some information about it before I even step foot on in . Those look really thin . If it’s a true natural stone. like some decorative stones are really strong SH CAN damage it . Only way to know for sure is to call


Thanks for the insight guys. The product I’m using doesn’t contain bleach I’m pretty sure. I’ll double check to make sure. It looks to be natural slate, right Florida? I’ll contact someone once I get some info on her roof today and make sure.

I’m probably wrong but that looks very similar to that fancy rubberized roofing. I’ve only seen it in black but it’s also pretty uncommon in my area. I’ll see if I have some pictures.

Hmm. This is the only picture I could find and it’s hard to tell but it’s got some texture and design in it that looks somewhat similar but now that I look at it I don’t think it’s what you’re looking at.

I’d ask the homeowner if they have any idea on the manufacturer and go from there.