Narrow 6” hose reel

So I bought two 75 foot zero-g pro hoses zero-G 4300-75, zeroG, Pro Garden Hose, 3/4" x 75’, Green

and plan on using 1 or both when needed as a supply line to the 200 gallon buffer tank. With all the stuff in the back of the 8’ bed I want to find a small 6” hose reel to install them on and remove my big black Goodyear hose and reel.

These hoses are very small when empty and since I’m now going to have two 55 gal vertical tanks and reclaim system on the back of the truck. Is there a really small 6” wide hose reel I can buy to slide in a tight space somewhere that I can install at least one of these on?

Those are hoses for house wives I can only advise on how to store real hoses :rofl:

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Don’t remove anything you can’t replace back. Those hoses won’t last. I didn’t get a week out of the one I tried.

They have pretty much every size reel you can think of. If you want a smaller one maybe look into an air hose reel or oxy/acetylene. I browsed under the water supply reels and looks like the smallest is 16" wide. I would call and talk to someone and tell them exactly what you’re looking for.



Air hose reels should be small enough. Look for hand carry reels, like maybe for a sewer jetter hose too.
Hell, I use the cheapy orange extension cord reel for my sewer jetter hose and it fits all 90ft just right.

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@dperez how about flexzilla? I think I’ll keep the zero g pro for the plant wetting since they are small and easy to store. I see a lot of guys use the flexzilla and it seems smaller than what I have now. Can a 5/8” fill just as fast as 3/4”? Not sure where the bottleneck is the hose or the spigot…

If I’m able to get my trailer close enough to a house spigot, I just hook up the 50’ Costco version of Zero G hose to my buffer tank. Works fine so far, got it back in May.

Granted I just roll it up and hang it on my door, so not sure what it would do being rolled up on a reel.

Wet the plants with your pressure washer

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I do when needed but usually have a ground guy with me who does that with the second hose while I’m cleaning