Name this roofing material

It looks like metal coated with asphalt shingle granule. What’s this called and how to clean it?

They have metal shingles. Some are even called “stone covered” which I assume is just a coating. Just search for “metal shingles” on Google and I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for by comparing photos.

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Thanks and will do. I’ve never seen this one before but I’m guessing it will take 4%ish. Looks like metal coated with asphalt shingle

It’s called stone coated RUN AWAY.

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Really? He says he gets it cleaned every year. Maybe that’s why I’m cleaning it and not the last guy. What are the issues with it?

Your the second person today to ask about cleaning stone coated roofs on two different threads. Home owners must be getting desperate
I’ve cleaned several hundred homes with it and I will never touch another one.
The homeowners have been screwed since they day they bought it . Now there really screwed since it almost not available anymore. That means only one thing for anyone that cleans them . HUUUUGGGG PROBLEMS . If there is any issue. And those roofs are nothing but issues

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