Figured I’d make this topic since there isn’t much talk on it and I am seeking a new policy.

Most insurance companies really don’t know how to actually place us in a policy for what we specifically do. So I was curious, what NAICS code should we fall under? So that new people or others that are misplaced can ensure they fall under the correct GL Coverage.

The code I believe covers what we do is NAICS Code: 561790. It can be read about here.



What codes are you currently under?


Same code.

My agent had me under 96816 for the first quote he sent me. Glad I realized

Did that chance it a lot?

It just wasn’t specific for what we do, the other code is more specific and specifies exterior cleaning

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I don’t remember what code I’m under, but I know I had to go through the state (Ohio) instead of the county to get it, because the code is associated with a Transient (Traveling) Vendor’s License rather than a normal business license, the former of which is through the state rather than county.