My whirlybird on its last legs

Recently noticed a large crack in the plastic skirt of my 20" surface cleaner and then just yesterday I guess a large rock knocked out a decent size hole out of the other side.

Any guys repair their surface cleaner skirts or can I buy a replacement skirt somewhere? Or buy a new whirlybird and keep this one for parts?

I’d always look for parts first. You might get lucky and save a few hundred bucks. Surface cleaners are pretty easy to get apart.

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When I first got my 8 gpm my main guy caught some serious air with it amd let the side slam into the ground. It bent the skirt bar. Then he kept using it without telling me what happened and bent the rotating bar because it was hitting the bent skirt. I ordered a new bar and skirt. I emded up just bending The skirt back to place because it was EXTREMELY HARD to get off. You might be better off just ordering a whole new cover with skirt already attached. Maybe not… Maybe I’m just lazy. But thats my experience.

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